Some years ago I suddenly realized that not everyone is delighted at the prospect of making the Banners of East and West, and a host of other ritual regalia items. Also, the frustration experienced in that process was not necessarily a helpful “growing experience” for that individual’s Magical Work.

So, I began Azoth Art…It was and remains primarily my personal vocation to be of service to the Magical/Spiritual community. It is only secondarily, and of necessity, a business. The fees I receive are simply the “lubricant” that allows me to live on the physical plane and create more. It is also an exchange of energy.

Every piece is made by me. You can be assured that nothing will ever be imported from places that neither know nor care about your personal aspirations, and that every item is made from beginning to end with the utmost respect for your Spiritual Journey.

There is no such thing as inventory. Everything is made to order. My personal philosophy is that the initiating current for any item has to come from you. It has to be initiated and formulated by you so that I can become simply a tool in the process of its coming into manifestation. Think of it as example of the beauty of YOUR own Highest Aspirations reflected back to you. When I make something for you, it is completely yours, and I deeply appreciate being part of that process.